Digital Radios

Digital mobile radio is a method of digitising speech and transmitting it over radio waves, whereas analogue equipment uses 'audible speech', digital radios 'digitise' the speech similar to how a mobile phone does.

Benefits of Digital Radios.

  • Astounding speech quality - no static, fading or noise.
  • Much greater security - cannot be eavesdropped with traditional scanners, encryption as standard with most radios.
  • More features - GPS tracking, lone worker, over the air programming, remote kill/stun, man down and two way radio/telephone system integration are just a few of the amazing features.
  • Direct calling - call individual radios directly, without other radios hearing or being aware of the conversation.
  • Longer battery life - generally 2-6 hours extra usage over analog radios.
  • Better range - stronger signal at the extremities gives a much further usable range.
  • Text Messaging - Popular for mobile phones short text messages can now be sent using two-way radio. Using the radios keypad or keypad microphone (optional accessory) you can write a message (or select from a list of pre-programmed messages) and then send it - either to one person from the radios contacts book or to everyone.


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