Hytera PD785 Digital Licensed Radio

Hytera PD785 Digital Licensed Radio

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The handheld radios PD785 and PD785G (with GPS) are designed according to the DMR standard and are characterized by their ergonomic design, the extensive digital functions and their high quality. They make communication an exciting experience and they allow you to quickly react to new situations.

  • Improved use of the radio spectrum - Thanks to the TDMA process the PD785/PD785G allows an assignment of the available bandwidth with double channel capacity. This results in a clear relief of the increasing spectrum scarcity
  • Ergonomic design - The PD785 and PD785G offer high ease of operation and reliability which is indispensable in critical situations. The antenna design ensures ease of operation and remarkable GPS features
  • Versatile services - In addition to conventional communication services, PD785/PD785G offers functions such as rich-data services, test messages, scanning, emergency calls, man down function and lone worker function (optional)
  • Reliability - PD785/PD785G meets all requirements of the open ETSI standard DMR as well as of MIL810-C / D / E / F / G and degree of protection IP67. The device series thus offers excellent features even under rough operating conditions
  • Ease of use - Large pushbuttons allow an easy and comfortable use of the hand-held radio. The large TFT colour display provides a good readability even under difficult light conditions. More than 20 programmable keys allows quick access to the various services and functions
  • Powerful battery - Compared to the analog technology using FDMA, with TDMA the battery life can be improved by approx. 40%
  • Excellent voice quality - With the combined application of the narrow band codex and digital technologies for error correction the PD785 / 785G ensures an excellent voice quality even in loud environment and in peripheral areas of radio coverage



  • Optionally analog or digital operation
  • Versatile voice calls: Individual call, group call, broadcast call, emergency call
  • GPS functions (PD785G only): Query GPS position data, Send GPS text messages
  • Data services: Text messages, Group text messages, Control of the radio via API
  • Different analog dialing methods: HDC1200, DTMF * (2-tone and 5-tone dialing), Squelch procedure/tone call CTCSS/CDCSS
  • Additional services, radio check, remote monitor, call alert, radio disable/enable
  • Different menu languages available (among others German, English, French, Spanish, Polish, Italian, Russian, Turkish, Simplified and traditional Chinese, Korean)
  • One-touch functions (incl. text messages, voice calls and supplementary services)
  • Scanning of analog voice and signalling, of digital voice and data and mixed scanning of analog and digital activities
  • Automatic cell re-selection (roaming) in IP multi-site systems
  • Analogue scrambling and digital encryption for voice and data using the Advanced Encryption Standard (AES) and ARCFOUR (ARC4) processes
  • Upgradeable software

The features marked by * will be available in future versions of the PD785/PD785G.


What's In The Box

  • Hytera PD785 or PD785G radio body
  • 2000mAh Li-Ion battery
  • Charger
  • Power adapter for charger, 100 - 240 V AC- 12 V DC / 1 A
  • Standard antenna: VHF 147 - 160 MHz (AN0153H04), UHF 400 - 470 MHz (AN0435H02)
  • Hand strap
  • Belt clip
  • Manual

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